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This is the best disposable email service in the net. You can use our emails even when they expire. Save the email key and enjoy :)

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How this works?

You can use our services from everywhere. Please save the key if you want to have access for this email. All emails will be deleted 20 minutes after the email expires. We don't create backup copies of emails, emails will be deleted pernamently from the server.

For who?

Welcome to the website which offers temporary e-mail addresses. This is a great solution when the website you want to register is "uncertain" or you are afraid that your primary email address may be spammed. The solution is 10 minutes. In which you can easily get a ready e-mail address for 10 minutes without registration and which you can use to register on websites. What's more, if you want to keep your e-mail address for a little longer, you can extend it for another 10 minutes and you can still use your temporary e-mail address for longer. What distinguishes us from the competition:
- fully free e-mail addresses for 10 minutes
- speed of e-mails (you receive e-mails right away)
- intuitiveness
- simplicity

About the site

The site was created in order to create fast, several-minute email addresses. The service is free and you can use it at any time of the day or night :)